Dry Ice

Dry Ice Machine

Together with liquid CO2 gas, BIG GROUP is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of dry ice plants & equipment. Dry ice is nothing but solid carbon dioxide. It is formed by letting down the pressure of liquid CO2, through a nozzle or other bottleneck. An amount of the liquid CO2, passing through the nozzle, vaporizes and sub cools the remaining fluid. Hence, it is born-again into snow like particles which is known as "Dry Ice".

Dry Ice Process

Dry Ice Storage

BIG Groups DRY Ice storage containers have a square interior for maximum space utilisation and a smooth interior is easy to clean.

BIG Groups DRY Ice storage containers are indestructible transporters maintain critical temperatures for your perishable materials.

BIG Groups DRY Ice storage containers are tough, double walled and build to last. Ideal for dispensing dry ice or cold packs in a shipping or movement of biological materials, specimens, vaccines, hazardous materials or any perishable goods.