Distilleries & Breweries

The BIG Group CO2 production plants from distillery are designed on both Grain Based Fermentation and Molasses Based fermentation. However almost the same concept is being considered during the production plants from Breweries. The plants in Breweries are compact, fully automated and are custom designed to get the maximum output from the fermentation.

Fertilizer & Combustion

The BIG Group CO2 plants from Fertilizer Industry are also custom designed and are fully automated whereas we are pioneers in providing CO2 production based on burning Fossil Fuels such as Diesel, Kerosene, or Natural Gases. When no other source of recovery of CO2 is available, this self - contained BIG Group CO2 production plant is the complete solution.

All the production plants of BIG GROUP are designed according to the ISBT standards and are in tune to the customer requirements like Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Sabmiller & RCF. All the plants are designed as per FSSC standards and are FSAAI approved.

The BIG GROUP CO2 plant is designed with latest technology, higher electrical efficiency and fully automated console with low maintenance and ultra-efficient operation. Safety and Environmental pollutions play a significant role in designing of all our plants. Our Plants adhere the world wide safety norms with Zero discharge challenge.

We support our customers 24x7 and provide complete CO2 solutions under one roof. We also offer solutions for the pressure treatment and ph neutralization process.