CO2 Lab Equipments


BIG Group CO2 testing equipment – Simple, Attractive and easy operation.

The BIG Group CO2 Gas Purity Tester has been designed to measure the purity of CO2 up to 99.99% in a quick, easy and reliable way.

BIG Group CO2 purity tester is essential for CO2 manufacturing plants, CO2 Recovery plants, bottling plants, breweries and related industries.


BIG Group CO2 testing equipment – Simple. Attractive and fully automated.

This equipment makes it easy to measure the dew point of liquid and gaseous CO2. The BIG Group CO2 Dew Point Tester (stainless steel) is easy to mount. Can be mounted easily on wall or can be fixed on stand.


CO2 Gas Detectors are used for off-line analysis of Carbon dioxide Impurities like, Acetaldehyde, Nox Compounds, Ammonia, carbon monoxide, Aromatic Compounds as Benzene, Total Sulphur content etc.

BIG Group CO2 Gas Detectors ensure continuous and semi-automatic process, where impurities content in CO2 is measured through Colorimetric detection method.

The CO2 Gas Detectors are very simple to install and no maintenance is needed due to the reliable measuring technology. The sensor is connected to the detector by a 5 m (5.47 yards) standard cable, which can be shortened or extended as required.



The On-line CO2 continuous analyser provides direct measurement of Acetaldehyde, Methanol, and Benzene (AMB), Total Sulphur (TS) Contents & Total Hydrocarbon ( THC) contents in beverage-grade Carbon dioxide, CO2 (ISBT Methods 9, 11 & 12).

The instrument is mandatory for the major market leaders like Coca-Cola & PepsiCo. This instrument traces impurities up-to PPB levels in finished LCO2 to be used in carbonated beverages. The On-line CO2 continuous analyser adheres to the stringent guidelines and methodologies established by the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) to monitor the most critical impurities.

The On-line CO2 continuous analyser employs a photo ionization detector (PID). The Acetaldehyde, Methanol & Benzene (AMB) in the gas sample are physically separated using proprietary GC columns. A dual-column configuration with timed back flush to vent is used to strip off moisture and heavier gases. At sample injection, a fixed volume of sample is carried through the pre-cut column. The back flush is timed so that primarily the AMB and other similar compounds continue on to the analytical column. Contaminants are then back flushed to vent. Acetaldehyde, Methanol, and Benzene are separated from potentially interfering components on the analytical column and elute to the detector for analysis.


  • Direct measurement of Acetaldehyde, Methanol, and Benzene in Carbon Dioxide
  • Interference free response
  • Automatic baseline adjustment for long-term stability
  • Automatic calibration
  • Analog output ranges are user selectable
  • Concentration and diagnostic alarm relays
  • Graphic display of current or historical concentrations
  • Multipoint sampling options
  • RS-232 and optional LAN


  • Analysis Time: < 360 seconds
  • Detector: PID (High-sensitivity PID Optional)
  • Column: Capillary
  • Oven Temperature: 75-85 °C, isothermal
  • Carrier Gas: Hydrogen (H2), Helium (He), or Nitrogen (N2)
  • Lower Detection Limit: < 50 ppb Acetaldehyde, < 2 ppm Methanol, < 2 ppb Benzene
  • Accuracy: 1% of Full-scale
  • Precision: 2% of Measured Value
  • Span Drift (24HR): < 2% of Full-scale
  • Sample Flow Rate: 250 - 500 cc/min, typical