CO2 Cylinder Manifold System

BIG GROUP manifold system makes it possible to provide gaseous CO2 at any desired outlet pressure. We can establish up to four outlets with four separate outlet pressure as needed. Gas effluence pressure can be altered between 1 to 16 bars. The quality of CO2 required influences the number of CO2 cylinders to be associated per hour. The time for instalment is minimal as the integral system is pre-gathered and examined at our site. Open-ended consumers require many cylinders for use. CO2 cylinder manifold systems of BIG GROUP makes a consumer capable to absorb CO2 gas at one place and nullify mishandling of CO2 gas cylinder manifold systems at different places at the workbench.

Many countries supplies CO2 in cylinders of different heights, sizes & capacities. So BIG GROUP gas cylinder manifold systems are qualified to fit all such requirements. This system is projected to treat moisture free, pure CO2 gas as per ISBT – INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR BEVERAGE TECHNOLGY standards.

Advantages of Our CO2 Cylinder Manifold System

  • No internal freezing
  • No pressure oscillation
  • No exterior heater/steam required
  • Clean system
  • CO2 can be supplied without interruptions, when the cylinders are changed
  • Economical on energy, CO2 and time
  • No full time operator required
  • Clean CO2 can be obtained as the impurities get filtered off